More customers for your restaurant

  • A customer database that you can market to through emails and SMS
  • Your website is designed to be found on google
  • Generate traffic using your integrated Facebook and Twitter accounts

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Online Booking

  • Easily add our application to your website
  • No need to prove if there is a no show
  • $0 fees, no lock-in contracts and no sharing of customer data

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Easily update your website text and photos at a time that suits you

  • Easy to use content management system that allows you to update your menus, pricing, photos, all the content of your website.
  • Set up and update your Facebook and Twitter pages from the content management system

Websites designed for Mobile Apps

  • Customers are able to find you on their mobile phones
  • Your website is fully usable on a mobile app
  • Our Book A Table lets your customers book direct from their mobile phones

See and use your Website Statistics

  • See where your website traffic is coming from
  • Your website is designed to be found on google

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How it works

You can use all of these tools which are included in your monthly fee.

Your Website Optimised for Google

search engine optimised websitesSearch Engine Optimisation is the process of presenting your website in the most favourable way to search engines such as Bing and Google. We take care of all the technical work for you, including meta tags & titles, so you don't need to worry any of it. The only thing you need to worry about is writing some great text about your business.

iPhone iPad websites

Your Website Optimised for iPhones & iPads

This is no longer a feature that's nice to have - it's a must have. We are finding that every month, the percentage of people looking for restaurants, take aways and cafes is increasing from mobile devices.

We looked at the data for one of our very successful websites and found some interesting information. 20% of visitors to the website were using mobile devices. We believe that most of these people are out looking for somewhere to eat. If your website doesn't work for these people, you are missing out on customers.

Operating System
% of all Visits
Windows XP
Windows 7
Mac OS
Windows Vista
Windows Phone OS 7.0
Windows 2000
Total Mobile visits

While we are at it, we found the following information. A lot of our customers had websites with really nice Flash animations, but today, less than 60% of people visiting this website had Flash installed. Flash is not available on iPhones and iPads, and is not installed by default on new Macs and Windows machines. IF YOU HAVE FLASH ELEMENTS ON YOUR WEBSITE, YOU ARE CUTTING OUT 40% OF YOUR CUSTOMERS. Now that isn't very Flash!

Facebook and Twitter integration

Facebook and Twitter Integration

Reaching out to your customers on socials networks such as Facebook and Twitter has never been easier. Marketing 4 Restaurants lets you link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you can update both with your latest deals, offers and events in one easy place.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic tool to turn your customers into repeat customers. Your website will have a newsletter signup form where your customers can enter their email address. When you have a special promotion on, simply log in to our easy control panel, create a new email campaign and send! It's that easy.

* Your customer database can contain up to 2000 customers, and you can send up to 12,000 per month for FREE.

restaurant business customer database
Restaurant birthday email campaigns

Automatic Birthday campaigns

When your customers sign up on your website to receive your newsletters or promotional emails, they have the option to enter their birthday. If enabled, your website will automatically send out a special birthday promotional email to your customers in the month prior to their birthday. Why not offer free bottle of wine to draw your customers back?

Website statistics

Take back control of your marketing efforts!

Marketing 4 Restaurants gives you real-time access to your website statistics, allowing you to gauge the performance of your website over time.

Website stats and analytics
restaurant stationery print

Create Stationery ready for the Printers

Your Marketing 4 Restaurants website can have online feedback, but what about when your customers are at your restaurant paying their bill? Marketing 4 Restaurants allow you to easily print your online feedback questions, creating DL sized feedback forms you can physically hand to your customers. What could be simpler!

Free Online Booking Function

Book A Table – with $0 fees, no-lock in contracts, no sharing of customer data – upload today and start saving money. Every booking can be viewed in the Content Management system and also by email – so where ever you are you can see your bookings on your mobile devices. Every customers is sent an automatic confirmation and a reminder. Set it up today, go to your dashboard and turn on online bookings or for non Marketing4Restaurant customers simply sign up.

restaurant book
Sign up Now $0 fees, no lock-in contracts, no sharing of customer data – start saving today.

SMS Marketing (Extra cost apply)

There are more people using mobile devices than toothbrushes these days, so tapping into that massive marketing potential is a good idea.

Our SMS Marketing tool is integrated into your admin control panel so you can easily send a promotional message to all your customers in one easy step.

sms campaign

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