More customers for your restaurant

  • A customer database that you can market to through emails and SMS
  • Your website is designed to be found on google
  • Generate traffic using your integrated Facebook and Twitter accounts

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Online Booking

  • Easily add our application to your website
  • No need to prove if there is a no show
  • $0 fees, no lock-in contracts and no sharing of customer data

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Easily update your website text and photos at a time that suits you

  • Easy to use content management system that allows you to update your menus, pricing, photos, all the content of your website.
  • Set up and update your Facebook and Twitter pages from the content management system

Websites designed for Mobile Apps

  • Customers are able to find you on their mobile phones
  • Your website is fully usable on a mobile app
  • Our Book A Table lets your customers book direct from their mobile phones

See and use your Website Statistics

  • See where your website traffic is coming from
  • Your website is designed to be found on google

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Book A Table

Many restaurants today are paying for seats booked online through their own website. Now you can enjoy the convenience of taking online bookings and save money at the same time with Marketing4Restaurants Book A Table.
Book A Table – with $0 fees, no-lock in contracts, no sharing of customer data – upload today and start saving money.

Book A Table helps you with:

  • No need to prove it there is a no show
  • Save time and money with customers booking online rather than calling you during your busy times
  • Take bookings 24 hours a day
  • Cut down on errors with your bookings
  • Keep track of how effective your online marketing is

Remember no one takes a cut in the bookings you take, all the revenue is yours.

Cut the cost of your bookings today, sign up now

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Free Online Booking Function

How does it work?

New Book A Table - upload onto your Marketing4Restaurant website today and let your customers' book online. It's quick and simple, the customer selects the date, time, service and number of people the booking is for and hits the send button.

The customer receives an automatic email confirming the booking and the booking will be listed in your Marketing4Restaurant dashboard under Bookings Received.

How do I upload the Book A Table button onto my Marketing4Restaurant website?

Simply go to your Marketing4Restaraurant Dashboard and click on Online Booking. You are ready to set up your settings:

  1. Days: Select individual or multiple days where timings and serves are the same.
  2. Serves: Select from Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  3. Start & End time: Select from when service is available to when last service is taken.
  4. Interval: Select from either 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. So for example at lunch time your fist sitting is at 12.00 then the customer can choose say 12.00, 12.15 (so every 15 minutes) or you may prefer 12.00, 12.30 (so every 30 minutes) these are the times the customer would be able to book.
  5. Seats: You select the maximum number of seats per booking, so for example you would prefer to speak to the customer once the booking is over 5 people, so you set your seats to 5.
  6. Seats in Session: You determine how many seats are available per service. Once the number of seats has been achieved the customer would receive an email saying 'Sorry, we are currently busy, please ring the restaurant on 00 0000 0000'

Once you are happy with the information you have entered you click save.

Then set up your Non-Working Days, you can plan up to 36 months in advance simply select the year, month and day/s and click disable and those day/s will be crossed out. And if you have a change of mind, simply select month, year and day/s and click enable and the day/s become available.

Then under Settings, simply tick the box to activate Book A Table to appear on your website.

How do I manage the bookings?

All Book A Table automatically confirmed bookings will be listed in Bookings Received on your Dashboard, simply print this list off.

So what percentage of the booking revenue do I receive?

The great thing is no one takes a cut in these bookings all the revenue is yours. What could be sweeter, other than your Dessert Menu!

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